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Hi, I am Tung Vo.

Tung VO, a wandering mind.

I’m a typical introvert, and currently working as an automotive engineer. I enjoy experiencing my life, love the concept of life-balancing, love HIMYM and Manchester United, love calisthenics and running. I’m always wandering my mind with plenty of thoughts, so I decided to write to express myself. …

I quit my job one month ago, but my plan is about to collapse.

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I just want to keep this short, because I didn’t intend to talk about it.

I quit my job one month ago after 2.5 years working as an automotive engineer for a german company. I had planned for this for over 6 months, and I thought I was ready to…

From 0.01$ to 1$

pay money
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I got to know Medium a few years ago, but at that time Medium was just a page that I would come across when I was searching for some information on Google.

After that, when I started to spend more time on English, Medium is one of my go-to pages…

Random noise, a little music, and moving objects together balance your working mood.

The coffee shop space with a noisy background makes you more effective.
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Have you ever felt that the place is too quiet for you to study? Do you notice why many people prefer a coffee-house space to a quiet library for working? Or if you are a noisy-background type, have you ever wondered why it works well for you? …

I’m scared, but I will.

Be well packed and go.
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Have you ever thought of quitting your current job? If you’ve had that fugitive idea once, you definitely have your own reason. No matter what it is, rational or irrational for you or for other people, I believe that you’re not happy with your job.

When I’m not happy, I…

You will never regret it

Be the best version of yourself
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Have you ever felt that you want to do a lot of things but you’re too lazy to do? You admire others’ success but you’re afraid to challenge yourself. You wonder if you could do your job better.

A little more effort, a little more focus, discipline, and determination are…

Writing didn’t come to me accidentally, I chose it.

Keep the pencil sharp
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When I say “I’m not gonna make myself hate writing”, a part of me means I’m scared that one day I’m gonna hate it.

I didn’t meet Writing by destiny.

It’s hard to tell who you are, why you were born with your personality. You are not allowed to choose what you were born with, but…

Let me buy you a box of candy.

Let me buy you a box of candy with this one dollar
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I have never thought I could get paid for showing my mind, my feelings, and my personal stories to people. However, it is really happening. I got the very first dollar in December 2020 by just writing it all out on Medium.

You never forget all the first things

We all have our first things. It’s hard…

Don’t let your big ego ruin your relationship

Don’t let your big ego ruin your relationship
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I’m simply a person of logic.

That means I’d like to be logical in every single problem, from the way I deal with my personal ones to discussions and arguments with other people.

So, people who have illogical words and actions would strike me with a negative impression.

But I…

Calmly, sensitively, firmly, and slowly

Happy new year 2021
Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash

Here comes the last day of 2020, a year with beautiful and supposedly lucky numbers itself, a year that initiated the whole new decade.

Can you remember what you planned and hoped for in a year like this?

It should have been “a happy new year” with pleasant memories and…

Tung VO

I’m Tung Vo, a wandering mind. I love the way how life is changing day by day, making life balancing is not only challenging but also interesting.

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