Hi, I am Tung Vo.

Tung VO, a wandering mind.

I’m a typical introvert, and currently working as an automotive engineer. I enjoy experiencing my life, love the concept of life-balancing, love HIMYM and Manchester United, love calisthenics and running. I’m always wandering my mind with plenty of thoughts, so I decided to write to express myself. …

Writing didn’t come to me accidentally, I chose it.

Keep the pencil sharp
Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

When I say “I’m not gonna make myself hate writing”, a part of me means I’m scared that one day I’m gonna hate it.

I didn’t meet Writing by destiny.

It’s hard to tell who you are, why you were born with your personality. You are not allowed to choose what you were born with, but…

Tung VO

I’m Tung Vo, a wandering mind. I love the way how life is changing day by day, making life balancing is not only challenging but also interesting.

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